New York is a city of secrets. And pet lovers. And some pet lovers have been keeping one of New York’s biggest secrets for more than 40 years: The Pet Memorial Christmas Tree in Central Park. For four decades, the Tree has magically appeared and disappeared over the year-end holidays at a location in the Park known only to those who need to know: Pet lovers in search of a place to heal, a place to honor, bless and celebrate all creatures great and small who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Overnight, around Thanksgiving, the branches of a bare evergreen are hung with hundreds of remembrances from seasons past—laminated pictures of beloved pets, their favorite toys and holiday ornaments—with more added every year by visitors who have lost a beloved family member. Come January, the remembrances are taken down and the tradition continues. But how did the Tree get started? Who are its Keepers? And how has its location remained a secret for so long? The Furever Tree answers all of those questions and more while leaving one final mystery just as it should be.

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